Exceptional Brands, 29 Hotels, 2.436 Rooms, 1.706 Employees, All across Indonesia.

Pleasant Indonesian warmth and smiles seamlessly combined with professional services for truly exceptional experience: this is what we offer to guests enjoying our Hotels across Indonesia. We aim to create an experience that remind you that no matter where you are, when you see KAGUM Hotels, you can be assured that a pleasant stay is all that awaits you.

The Story of Our Steps

The hotel/hospitality industry in Indonesia is a world filled with trials and challenges, but it is also a world that can and will provide great rewards those who persist in it; those who can spot all the opportunities it provides and take them when they appear. There is perhaps no better story to illustrate such statement than the story of our company itself, KAGUM Hotels.

Starting from a rather humble beginning with just one Hotel under our belt, KAGUM Hotels has grown into a rapidly developing Hotel management company with numerous properties in many major cities of Indonesia. This success can be attributed to many things: the quality of the human resources that contribute their energy to our cause, the keen insight of our executive management team, the core values that we held firm in every step of our business, and of course, the significant trust that we get from our guests, clients, and partners.

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Meet the men and women that comprise our executive team. These are the minds and hands that direct and shape our company’s steps in the effort to become the leading hospitality management company in Indonesia.

The DNA of Our Company

The core values, the principles, the foundation, and everything that makes KAGUM Hotels the company that we are today. This is the belief that we held firm in every steps that we take; this is not just the identity of our company, this is the DNA that form the very being of KAGUM Hotels.

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