A Harmony of Quality and Great Rates

Serela brand is designed to represent Hotels that offer their guests a seamless balance of quality and affordability, where guests can enjoy a quality Hotel service with friendly prices for a great value experience. Such balance makes every Hotel under this brand the perfect fit for every type of guest and for every type of occasion.

About Grand Serela Hotel

The 1st Hotel under this brand, Serela Riau, is the Hotel that served as the embryo as our company and it has and still is one of the most successful Hotels that we manage, proving the concept of “quality with affordability” is something that resonates with the needs and requirements of many types of guests. The success of this Hotel sparked our effort in expanding and supporting the brand into numerous other Hotels in various locations in Indonesia.

As of now, the Serela brand is used in Serela Riau, Serela Merdeka, Serela Kuta, with many more Hotels to follow. The brand is also expanded with “Grand Serela”, a more luxurious type of the brand that however, still offer the same seamless experience of affordability and quality.


Key Facts