KAGUM Education - Inspiring a better today for a better tomorrow.

KAGUM Education covers the aspect of KAGUM Social Responsibility that focuses on the nurturing and development of human resources on the community around our Hotels in particular, and the general public in general.


Launched to the public on October 4th, 2010, the focus of KAGUM School is to teach Hospitality-related courses that are divided into six different categories: accounting, engineering, food & beverage product, food & beverage service, front office, and housekeeping. Each course is taught by real world Hospitality professionals from KAGUM Hotels ourselves.

One of the biggest boons in joining KAGUM School is the fact that the students are entitled to exclusive opportunities to become a part of the workforce for KAGUM Hotels as soon as they are graduated, and this gives aspiring individual a fantastic head-start their chance to become a real professional in the Hotel/Hospitality industry.


Through KAGUM Cerdas Bangsa Foundation, KAGUM Hotels has rebuilt and renovated schools in various locations, improving their conditions so that the students can enjoy learning again in a respectable condition. Karya Nusantara Junior Highschool in Kiaracondong Bandung, Sindang Panon Elementary School in Banjaran, and Ciwaruga Elementary School in Ciwaruga are the schools that so far have enjoyed the benefits of charities from the foundation.

Important to note that the funds for the renovation are often derived from the profits raised by events such as KAGUM Night Charity Bike and KAGUM Golf Championship. We are looking forward to help renovate more schools in the future, and help children to get the education they deserve.