Managing Business, Delivering Results

From Project Management, to Operational Management, to Sales & Marketing, KAGUM Hotels is ready to provide you all the necessary elements of management services that are crucial to the success of your Hotel business.


We provide a thorough handling of each and every aspect that relate to the soundness of your project from start to finish. The following is some of the project management services that we provide:

  • Conceptualization and planning based on insightful market research.
  • Specification and standards monitoring based on careful planning.
  • Construction monitoring, including on-field observation and supervision.
  • Handling and managing related issues, and supervising the necessary elements required for the successful completion of the project such as equipment, facilities, and assets.


We are aiding you in conducting and managing the overall operational procedures related to the running of your Hotel(s), from pre-opening to post-opening. The following is some of the operational management services that we provide:

  • Conducting recruitment process to select the appropriate human resources required to run your business, as well as providing training to increase their aptitude.
  • Budgeting and forecasting based on market research.
  • Providing reliable and dependable accounting for the entire project.
  • Providing a network of trusted vendors, suppliers, and partners for reliable purchasing.
  • Monthly report, evaluation, and performance review of staff personnel. This also includes paperwork, documentation, and procedures such as financial report and credit control.
  • Regular maintenance of all operational elements of the Hotel.


Good marketing is the basic fundamental of a successful business. As part of our comprehensive service for your business, KAGUM Hotels will also help you handle marketing for your Hotel. The following is some of the sales & marketing services that we provide:

  • Streamlining your reservation process with centralized call-center service in KAGUM Call Center and proprietary online reservation engine of KAGUM E-Booking.
  • Implementing public relation programs to increase awareness.
  • Creating and maintaining your online presence such as social media and websites (which include content editing, design template, and Search Engine Optimization)
  • Corporate Identity Branding for a standardized quality of and approach to designs.
  • Integration to SmartAdmin, a proprietary KAGUM Hotels system engineered to greatly streamline the sales and marketing process and to increase the effectiveness plus results of your sales team.