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KAGUM In Brief


Beginning from a humble start of just one 3 stars Hotel in just one city, KAGUM Hotels has evolved, transformed, and enjoyed rapid growth with currently numerous star-rated Hotels in various major cities across Indonesia operating under our name. Focusing in providing Hotel management services that expertly combine insightful understanding of Indonesia’s culture and style with strict professional standards that adhere to nothing less than exceptional quality, KAGUM Hotels is continuously making positive strides towards our effort in becoming the leading Hospitality management company in Indonesia.


From just one city, Bandung, KAGUM Hotels has expanded and will continue to expand into other major locations in Indonesia. Bali, Jakarta, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Bogor, Pekanbaru, Semarang, and Klaten are some of the locations we have currently expanded into in our effort to provide the KAGUM Hotels experience to as many guests as possible. We always continue to look and strive towards any opportunity for expansion to more major locations across Indonesia.


From budget to luxurious, from leisure to business, from modern to unique, we are always striving to create Hotels that can answer all of your needs and requirements. The brands under our company is carefully crafted and measured so that they can cover the widest range of preferences possible; this is a crucial element in our effort to become a Hotel company that everyone and anyone can distinctively relate to quality stay experience.


KAGUM Hotels Fact List

Birth and Origin
KAGUM Hotels evolved into a full professional Hotel management services in 2011, although the embryo of our company can be traced back into 2005 with the opening of Grand Serela Hotel Bandung, a 3 stars Hotel that still continue to today as one of our most successful establishments.


Hotels across Indonesia

Currently KAGUM Hotels manages and will soon manage a grand total of 29 Hotels across Indonesia with total rooms up to 2436 rooms. These are dynamic numbers that we are confident will continue to grow as we keep on expanding in the future.

  • Zodiak @MT Haryono
  • Golden Flower
  • Gino Feruci Braga
  • Gino Feruci Kebonjati
  • Banana Inn Hotel & Spa
  • Grand Serela Setiabudhi
  • Serela Riau
  • Serela Cihampelas
  • Serela Waringin
  • Serela Merdeka
  • Zodiak @Paskal
  • Zodiak @Sutami
  • Zodiak @Asia Afrika
  • Zodiak @Kebonjati
  • Zodiak @Kebonkawung
  • BALI
  • Serela Kuta
  • Serela Legian
  • Gino Feruci Lovina
  • Gino Feruci Ubud
  • Zodiak @ Cokro
  • Bogor
  • Savero Golden Flower
  • Agria Gino Feruci
  • Grand Serela Gatot Subroto

Human Resources

Currently KAGUM Hotels’ workforce consists of more than 1.700 employees spread across our entire line-up of Hotels in Indonesia. We are very proud to state that an exceptionally vast majority of our workforce is comprised of excellent local Indonesian professionals.


Hotels Line-Up

The entire line-up of quality establishments under KAGUM Hotels can be classified into three categories:

1. KAGUM Brands

Original brands coming from KAGUM Hotels that can be further classified into three sub-categories:

  • Budget Hotels
  • Hotels designed to deliver great value experience where affordable/friendly price factor for guests is the prime consideration. Zodiak Hotels can be classified into this category. learn more »
  • Mid-Scale/Economy
  • Hotels designed to deliver great Hotel staying experience where quality and rates are afforded in a balanced manner. Grand Serela and Serela can be classified into this category. learn more »
  • Mid-Scale/Upscale
  • Hotels designed for guests wishing to enjoy luxurious accommodation that is seamlessly combined with great facilities and services. Golden Flower and Gino Feruci can be classified into this category. learn more »
2. Unique Collection

Brands that we manage with distinctive characteristics/concepts that make them stand unique to any other brands in our Hotels line-up. Banana Inn, Sun Royal, Verona Palace, and Malaka Hotel can be classified into this category.
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KAGUM Hotels is very proud to state that we are implementing a full integration of Information Technology to empower our business into greater heights. Some of the examples of such implementation are:


A proprietary online reservation system created, managed, owned, and operated by KAGUM Hotels that allow our customers/guests to make bookings/reservations in all of our connected Hotels across Indonesia from anywhere, anytime, as long as they have Internet connection. KAGUM E-Booking is a powerful system that can be used to great effect by guests and can be adjusted to specific promotions or any other arrangements. Every Hotel under our company will automatically receive the privilege of enjoying a direct integration of KAGUM E-Booking.


SmartAdmin is a proprietary system created by our IT Team capable of digitalizing and greatly streamlining the sales and marketing process of our company. Using this system, sales persons can be connected to all times to other important elements that can ensure their marketing efforts are highly effective such as crucial data, live update, data upload/management, and many more.


Websites, social media, Search Engine Optimization, web analysis, Hotel listing on travel websites: everything that is required for a strong online presence is something that we also put focus on. Every Hotel that joins our company can expect to enjoy the same attitude for their seamless integration into a measurable online presence.



Every company pledging itself to become a responsible entity in society must involve itself in responsible Corporate Social Responsibility programs, and KAGUM Hotels is no exception. KAGUM Social Responsibility Program covers a wide scope of actions and activities designed to improve various aspects of the community our company are involved in.


KAGUM Education covers the aspect of KAGUM Social Responsibility that focuses on the nurturing and development of human resources on the community around our Hotels in particular, and the general public in general. Examples of programs/projects or activities included in KAGUM Education:


Launched to the public on October 4th, 2010, the focus of KAGUM School is to teach Hospitality-related courses that are divided into six different categories: accounting, engineering, food & beverage product, food & beverage service, front office, and housekeeping. Each course is taught by real world Hospitality professionals from KAGUM Hotels ourselves.
One of the biggest boons in joining KAGUM School is the fact that the students are entitled to exclusive opportunities to become a part of the workforce for KAGUM Hotels as soon as they are graduated, and this gives aspiring individual a fantastic head-start their chance to become a real capable professional in the Hotel/Hospitality industry.


Through KAGUM Cerdas Bangsa Foundation, KAGUM Hotels has rebuilt and renovated schools in various locations, improving their conditions so that the students can enjoy learning again in a respectable condition. Karya Nusantara Junior Highschool in Kiaracondong Bandung, Sindang Panon Elementary School in Banjaran, and Ciwaruga Elementary School in Ciwaruga are the schools that so far have enjoyed the benefits of charities from the foundation.

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KAGUM Health is a part of KAGUM Social Responsibility programs that focus on creating charity events dedicated to provide aid to the community and the public in health-related issues. Examples include the regular cooperation and coordination our company employs with Indonesian Red-Cross or PMI (Palang Merah Indonesia) in creating regular blood donation events in our Hotel properties.

We are also looking for other opportunities to expand our KAGUM Health portfolio as our continuous strive towards the improvement of KAGUM Social Responsibility programs.

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