On Tuesday, February 4th, 2014, Best Zodiak @ Kedungsari Surabaya held a Press Conference and Media Lunch to announce the Charity Program that the management and staff of the Hotel will commit as part of KAGUM Social Responsibility (KSR) programs to give back to the community. This pre-event was attended by around 30 of our media partners and friends from online media, newspaper, and local television.



The charity event itself thankfully could be done smoothly with no problems, with successful delivery of provisional aids from the team of Best Zodiak @ Kedungsari Surabaya to Mentari Orphanage, a place that houses approximately 42 less-fortunate children under its care. The provisional aid contained basic food necessities (sembako), stationeries, goodie bags, lunch boxes, and more.

In other news, Best Zodiak @ Kedungsari Surabaya also participated in and launched various programs to increase public awareness of its brand and Hotel. The first among these was Blogger Dinner Gathering, which was attended by various local bloggers and beyond. Live Tweet competition was held during the event, as well as blog competition with “Zodiak” tagline. The following are some of the entries for the blog competition (click on the pictures for links):


Best Zodiak @ Kedungsari also took part on Haryono Table Top event in Surabaya, held on February 6th 2014. It was an event attended by a total of 90 buyers and more than 130 personas from various Travel Agents, and served as a great venue for the Hotel to increase its exposure for more business in the future. It was also a very fantastic opportunity for the Hotel to create business opportunities with various partners and clients!

Additionally, Best Zodiak @ Kedungsari Surabaya also invited 22 cheerful and lovely kids ranging from playgroup to kindergarten age from Growing Years Surabaya along with friends from Surabaya media as a part of its Kids Community program, and to introduce its range of Kid Birthday Packages. Amongst the activities done during the event were room showings, various games, and Pancake decoration contest; for the winners of the decoration contest, our team gave complimentary room vouchers, goodie bags, and souvenirs!


Other events from the Hotel include Corporate Dinner Gathering, an open house program designed to inform corporate company clients about the facilities and services available in Best Zodiak @ Kedungsari Surabaya. Programs included within the event were live social media program, dinner, and various entertainments.

Look forward for more exciting programs from Best Zodiak @ Kedungsari Surabaya and KAGUM Hotels in the future!

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