KAGUM Hotels continue our expansion throughout Indonesia with a new establishment situated at Raja Ampat on West Papua Province: Gino Feruci Resort Raja Ampat.


Gino Feruci Resort Raja Ampat will join the ranks of currently 35 establishments (that will, of course, also rapidly increasing soon) in 10 cities under the management of KAGUM Hotels. Its joining was officiated through the signing of MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) between Mr. Asep Supardi as the Director of Operations from KAGUM Hotels and Mrs. Aidina Mahriza as the Chief Director of PT. Mukti Ananta at Jakarta on 10 July 2014. The event was also joined by Mr. Evaldo Desfarillo as Communications Director from KAGUM Hotels.


“We proudly announce that KAGUM Hotels is trusted to manage the operational of Gino Feruci Resort Raja Ampat at West Papua Province, which will be open to the public at the tail end of 2014. This exclusive resort will join others already joining the Gino Feruci’s exclusive brand of quality hospitality such as Gino Feruci Villa Lovina and Gino Feruci Villa Ubud, both of which are located in Bali,” explained Mr. Asep Supardi.


Gino Feruci Resort Raja Ampat will be comprised of 10 luxuriously designed resorts equipped with swimming pool and Jacuzzi. The establishment will also feature restaurant that can be used as meeting venue and services/facilities for diving enthusiasts wishing to enjoy the sparkling clarity of Raja Ampat’s underwater beauty. Guests will be able to enjoy various staying packages that include additional benefits such as tours, diving sessions, and complimentary transport/shuttle services.


“We are very positive about the operation of this resort,” added Mr. Asep Supardi, “The beauty of Raja Ampat is known not only nationally but also internationally as well, and when combined with KAGUM Hotels’ expertise in delivering pleasant hospitality experience, Gino Feruci Resort Raja Ampat is already set on a path of success.”

Wait for more news about Gino Feruci Raja Ampat in the future!

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