As a commemoration to National Nutrition Day that fell on 25 Janaury 2014, KAGUM Hotels has just recently launched the exciting event of “Aku Anak Sehat Indonesia” or “I Am a Healthy Indonesian Kid”, inviting 100 less fortunate children to join in the fun. The first of its kind to be held by our company, this event took place on Serela Riau Hotel and the participants came from various orphanages spread across Bandung: Insan Harapan, Muhammadiyah Sumur, Wisma Putra, SOS Kindergarten, and Rumah Yatim.



Representatives from our various partner companies also present during the event, along with our friends from Himpunan Media Bandung. Of course, staff members of our management team also were there to attend.

The event invited two very special guests, the first being Mrs. Dra. Lilis Komariyah, Mpd, a nutritional expert from Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia and Mr. Kevin Gunawan, a former participant of the highly famous MASTERCHEF cooking program. Our special guests provided talks, information, Q & A sessions, and interact with the children to inform them about the importance of nutrition and healthy food.


It is our intention to share the joy of National Nutrition Day with this event, filled with delicious lunch and fun, engaging activities like talk show and games. We hope that all the children can carry meaningful information about nutrition and health after this event and that they can share such knowledge with their friends and peers. This event is a part of our commitment that serve well to become an example of our KAGUM Kids Community.” said Mr. Evaldo Desfarillo, the Communications Director of KAGUM Hotels.


We extend our thanks to BCS Cookies that have supported the event by providing gifts for the children to be enjoyed post event, and SERUNI Photo that worked brilliantly in capturing the fun of the events in photographs.

Additionally, on the same day, Serela Kuta Bali and Grand Tjokro Yogyakarta also launched events of similar nature, with the former accommodating students from Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Raudlatul Mustrasyidin and the latter visiting Gajah Wong park on Gambiran Umbulharjo together with friends from Rumah Singgah Anak Mandiri Yogyakarta so that children there can be educated about the importance of food and nutrition for their health

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