On August 7th, 2014, KAGUM Hotels along with various partners, sponsors, and friends launched the first beginning of yet another KSR—KAGUM Social Responsibility—program called “Bedah 100 Toilet SD” (100 Toilets Elementary School Operation), where KAGUM Hotels constructed and installed fully functional modern bathrooms in numerous elementary schools in and around Bandung.

In hopes that it can promote a greater awareness in a healthy lifestyle amongst elementary school children in particular, and the public at large in general. The maiden launch for the program started at Centeh Elementary School located at Jl. Centeh, Samoja, Bandung.


Mr. Henry Husada as the CEO of KAGUM Hotels, Ms. Rena Husada as Project Development Director of KAGUM Hotels, and Mr. Nandang Djuarsa as Corporate General Manager of KAGUM Hotels, were all there to represent KAGUM Hotels during the event.


Other attendees included Mr. Ridwan Kamil as the Mayor of Bandung along with the staff of Bandung governmental offices, members of Forum Arsitektur Bandung, representatives from Pikiran Rakyat FM, representatives from various corporate partners, and also school principals of many schools in and around Bandung.


The event began with the art performance by the students of the school, featuring Sundanese dancing and songs, and followed by welcoming speech by the representatives of Centeh Elementary School. It was then followed by speech from Mr. Ridwan Kamil, before the official surrendering of Appreciation Certificates/Charters to everyone that contributed to the success of the event. Of course, the event also included a ribbon cutting ceremony that signified the formal beginning of the entire program.


The day was then closed with socializing event (with lunch) together with our media friends/partners in Golden Flower Hotel Bandung that was also attended by Mr. Ridwan Kamil.


Mr. Ridwan Kamil has this to say about the program after inspecting the toilet built in the Centeh Elementary School: “It is truly a wonderful thing; this is most probably the best toilet and canteen for elementary school in the entirety of Bandung.” He then likened it to the toilets available in a 3 stars Hotel, “The ceramics are first class quality, with sparkling free branded toilet and a design that is not monotonous.”


As the name of the program suggest, Centeh Elementary School is just the 1st school in this program, as KAGUM Hotels will also install high quality toilets and canteens through 99 more other schools in and around Bandung. We would not be able to do it without support from all of our friends and partners!

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