As part of our various programs in welcoming and celebrating the holy month of Ramadan in 2014, KAGUM Hotels and Banana Inn Hotel & Spa together with I-Radio and Hard Rock FM Bandung launched the event Cinta Ramadan with MALIQ & D’ESSENTIALS that took place in the Ballroom of Banana Inn on Wednesday, 2 July 2014.


Also supported by BCS Cookies Specialist, ACE Hardware, Maicih, and Citilink, this fun get-together event was participated by not only the management and staff of KAGUM Hotels, our media, travel agent, and business partners, but also 32 beautiful children from the Al-Kautsar Orphanage in Lembang.


The event began by various fun activities and games for the children such as Cupcake decorating, coloring, and many more, before proceeding to the main events such as praying, sermons, and musical performances that were all performed with the children themselves as the main stars. The main event session also included a very special performance by the MALIQ & D’ESSENTIALS: this group that just recently launched a new album titled Sriwedari delivered a smooth music performance that captivated the whole audience for the night. Not just music performance, the group also interacted with the audience with exciting Q & A session.


Mr. A. Yazi Widjaya, the General Manager of Banana Inn Hotel & Spa, has this to say: “This event is a form of our great appreciation for the month of Ramadan. We loved being able to use this opportunity to share our happiness with the children from the orphanage, as well as reaffirming our friendship with our media, corporate, and Travel Agent partners. I would also like to extend my personal thanks to the various sponsors that have contributed to the great success of this event.”

Make sure to wait for the next exciting event in Ramadan with KAGUM Hotels!

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