In the exciting event of the opening of the eighth Hotel under the Zodiak Hotels brand, Zodiak @ Seminyak Bali, on March 14th 2014, KAGUM Hotels launched numerous programs before, during, and after the Hotel’s Soft Opening. On March 13th, 2014, KAGUM Hotels started Media Visit programs to The Jakarta Post (Bali office), Tribun Bali, Radar Bali, and OZ Radio in order to introduce the Hotel and to pave a way for a positive relationship in the future. The company was represented by Mr. Evaldo Desfarillo as Communications Director of KAGUM Hotels and Ms. Tistha, Sales Executive of Zodiak @ Seminyak Bali.


On March 14th 2014, the show went as the Owner of the Hotel, the Management of KAGUM Hotels, invitees, local citizens, and the employees of the Hotel all joined together in a celebratory event filled with prayers and thanks in the lobby of Zodiak @ Seminyak, marked by the cutting of Tumpeng.


The first cut was given by Vanny Roedias as the Hotel Manager, followed by employee representatives; this was a symbolic representation of the beginning of the Hotel’s operation. The day’s evening was the time for Afternoon Tea event dedicated for our Bali’s Travel Agent partners and friends—50 of them—so that they can be familiarized with the Hotel for reference.


But the shows were not all were celebratory, fun, and party events, because on March 15th 2014 we also launched social programs together with the children of D Gibbor Community, located on Sanur, where we gave them numerous aids and gifts. D Gibbor Community is a social community where children (80 of them) from various backgrounds ranging from playgroups to junior highschool can join in together to study, aided for volunteering teachers.


Soon, as a part of Kids Community programs our company has been planning to initiate more often, the children will be invited directly to our Hotel so that they can learn various things about our Hotel and to have more fun!

Congratulations for Zodiak @ Seminyak Bali for the opening and becoming a member of the proud KAGUM Hotels family!

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