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The Zodiak brand is designed to represent the concept a budget and highly affordable Hotels with stylized designs and atmosphere, crafted to specifically suit the unique characteristics of each and every zodiac sign. This concept is conceived to provide guests with not only a pleasant place to stay, but also to provide them with a distinct Hotel experience they will not soon forget.

About Zodiak Hotel

With the success of the 1st Hotel under the Zodiak brand, Zodiak @Pasirkaliki Bandung, the Zodiak brand continues to enjoy rapid expansion under the management of our company with the opening of various other Hotels under its name such as Zodiak @Sutami, Zodiak @Asia Afrika, Zodiak @MT.Haryono Jakarta, Zodiak @Cokro Yogyakarta and Zodiak @Seminyak Bali.

Featuring affordability encased in stylish and modern-looking establishments, Hotels under the Zodiak brand can be enjoyed by everyone and anyone, especially price-conscious guests who put great value offer above all else. Zodiak @Kebon Kawung, @Lampung, @Cilegon, and @Purwokerto will soon become new members of our proud line of Zodiak brand Hotels, with more soon to follow.


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  • Zodiak Cilegon
  • Zodiak Lampung
  • Zodiak Purwokerto